sediv tool


sediv is one of cutting edge utilities that is the reason sediv support arco

What is the arco?

Arco is an approach to repair firmware issues and versatile it to work with any module

Arco can do these taking after:

1-set perusing and composing heads

2-versatile firmwares for hard drive so you can utilize firmware for any models like western computerized models you can adjust one model to use with different models

3-set spaces between tracks

4-set spaces between heads whichg called micrjog and set interpreter ans set arrangement and numerous different capacities

Well arco is appears to be so incredible shouldn’t something be said about sediv?

Sediv underpins arco –this so great sediv presents numerous instruments I mean device for western computerized and other for Seagate and other for Toshiba and so on

It backings perusing and composing rom and produce rom and toss alter versatile you can adjust modules

Check modules and understanding it and composing tracks rapidly

Cut zones and set propriate arco which u need to repair hdd

Furthermore, test heads and do sensible sweep incredible

Self sweep and open for new families

there is a device superior to anything sediv we offer it with a low cost

information recuperation supplies

The most popular in these supplies is :

Information compass and hdd specialist

Pc udma..???

Some will ask pc you mean pc 3000 – definitely however not chinese one

Pc udma is from pro research facilities which is russian not Chinese

Information recuperation types of gear used to recoup information from dire cases in hard drives

Like badsectors and so forth

Lets assume hard jump have numerous terrible segments and information canot be gotten to

Alternately printed circuit board should be changed

Alternately anything in the firmware or gradually hdd or hdd drop working framework

These types of gear is forr all hdd sorts western advanced or sea

hard drive recovery super ways

nowadays markets containing numerous types of gear in this subject we will clarify them and know the truth of it and what is the great hardware to purchase and where to begin

In hard drive recuperation

1-chinese pc3000

chinese pc3000

pc3000 is useful for ide hard drives – do everything g-rundown and p-rundown and cut heads cut terrible tracks even badsectors however with hard drive which beneath 160 g.b just

So this hardware isnot great these days as It is so terrible with royl hard drives and sata

Without a doubt this gear if fro western advanced just

This hardware comprises of card and dongle and motherboard so this name is pc

2-salvation information

salvation data

salvation information is considered is the begin of particular types of gear I mean when you purchase it you have model for western hard drives and another for Toshiba and other fro Seagate and so forth

This types of gear have numerous components which is new like creating rom and compose modules and tracks and clear g-rundown and clear p-rundown and bolster keen and illuminating passwords

It isnot like pc3000 it bolster all current hard drives royl and so forth

I despise its gradually and can’t cut heads well however the organization of salvation information give purchasers redesigns


dfl maxresdefault

dfl cost is almost like salvation information and dfl begin which salvation finished – I discuss gradually hard drive issue and cut zones as well

In any case, them two havenot strength

Salvation information did not can add p-rundown to hard drive but rather drl do that – a few individuals have traps to constrain it to do

Salvation information is so awful in test heads – in ordinarily I tried it and say it is great accordingly if u examine it with dfl you will find that we have a terrible head

In any case, if salvation information distinguished that it can’t cut heads too much of the time

The greatest thing awful in the salvation information is can’t unravel passwords and maks numerous blunder

At long last the backing of dfl bolster clients with numerous upgrades in consistently yet salvation do that in numerous for a period in numerous months

Salvation did not bolster usb hard drives

Salvation information did not bolster royl hdd

Did not bolster arco which is so critical to adjust firmware and use it for distinctive models in the hdd

Moderate in duplicating any module or test it

Why salvation not great in tracks?

It peruses just read tracks from 9 to 20 yet rest of tracks did not – this wrong is deadly on the grounds that imperative tracks is from 1 to 9

Not useful for terrible segments

There no output as mhdd or others program

In any case, dfl has numerous components which is inverse to salvation

Decide the position of the awful areas on the heads without test heads

Design p-rundown and configuration g-list and brilliant self sweep

Reposition any module to another position without gradually or any issue

Power stacking which constrain hdd to peruse administration zone and configuration serice territory in the event that you need that as well

Having port sata and port information without utilizing converters

Recuperation module 47 or more ata charges

Numerous insights about the hard drive

Create module from track and produce rom for roly h

hard drive recovery equipment table

hard drive table

touchdown adjustment is utilized to discover most extreme energy to apply this to the radiator component for every head on a drive

This done by applying energy to heads until they most extreme or passable force has been connected

The head to media contact happens just amid alignment process

The head shouldn’t reach media in typical read-compose –in request not to enlist this anxiety in the servo inclination

The aftereffect of this check will be spared in 0x46 document

This check id is 0x6f

In the first place gather all data and information important to the check

The evaluated testing time per head is 2 minutes

The quantity of testing zones is characterized in 0x6f

Its grouping

1-get check information from DATA_BUFFER

2-run preamp pick up alignment and 2tjog test

3-set compose support to zero-then do a compose chamber head part (CHS) to gather reference data

4-??aggregate servo flex bias>>what about it?

The head draws near to the media-then head arm strays from the track

So servo flex predisposition circuit expands measure of current to take head arm back to craved track

5-spare results to document id 0x96 and 0x46

However, be product that all data and capacity will be last tidied up-overhaul test information in 0x96 and 0x46 with the greatest read/compose power settings for every head/zone

At that point element fly stature (DFH) can be execut

hard drive calibration tests

ard drive recovery

This test will be determine the tracks per inch (TPI) setting for each head of the drive under test

This test is considered as (drive approval test) dvt test

The genuine VTPI test isnnot steps like preamp and run however it essentially perform segment peruses and PC mistake rates

The mistake rate depends on every piece execution

To begin with gather all data and information important to the test-the evaluated testing time per head is 20 minutes

Its succession

3.1 Test calculation

Preamp pick up alignment

Set Kilo Flux Change per Inch (KFCI) to 1, set TPI to 1. The flux change alludes to the quantity of attractive flux alter to the tangential course of media. Both KFCI and TPI have tables which contain the quantity of flux changes and tracks separately. In the table, number 1 has the biggest TPI esteem. As the test goes on, the quantity of tracks per inch diminishes.

2T run improvement

Set TPI from 1 to the quantity of cases conceivable in the table said above and do the accompanying:

a. FIR, Bias, Iwrite, WPC, and so on.

b. Perused and measure blunder rates utilizing area mode and “physically” check mistakes.

Choose which TPIs to set in view of mistake rates and edges. Before beginning test, an objective mistake rate is relegated. This is characterized in information parameter 12 and 13. Beginning from the biggest conceivable number of tracks per inch, the TPI test keeps running until the mistake delta gets lower than the edge esteem.

Spare all troubleshoot and results to plate.

3.2 Test Structure Initialization

All structures utilized amid this test will be set to instated values preceding any gathering of information.

3.3 Input Data

Information is breezed through to the test through the SPT/client interface. The structure for the information is characterized in area 4.

3.4 Starting the test

Upon start-up control can be breezed through to the VTPI test through the Process Self Test (PST) sequencer table or through the Vendor Specific Command (VSC) Execute File. Upon the finish of the VTPI test control returns back to the PST sequencer table or exits on the off chance that it’s begun by means of the VSC summon.

3.5 Errors

This test is intended to proceed as far as might be feasible in the occasion of a blunder. Just lethal mistakes, blunders that would make the test information or results aimless, will bring about prompt way out from the test without the setting of the VTPI