hard drive calibration tests

ard drive recovery

This test will be determine the tracks per inch (TPI) setting for each head of the drive under test

This test is considered as (drive approval test) dvt test

The genuine VTPI test isnnot steps like preamp and run however it essentially perform segment peruses and PC mistake rates

The mistake rate depends on every piece execution

To begin with gather all data and information important to the test-the evaluated testing time per head is 20 minutes

Its succession

3.1 Test calculation

Preamp pick up alignment

Set Kilo Flux Change per Inch (KFCI) to 1, set TPI to 1. The flux change alludes to the quantity of attractive flux alter to the tangential course of media. Both KFCI and TPI have tables which contain the quantity of flux changes and tracks separately. In the table, number 1 has the biggest TPI esteem. As the test goes on, the quantity of tracks per inch diminishes.

2T run improvement

Set TPI from 1 to the quantity of cases conceivable in the table said above and do the accompanying:

a. FIR, Bias, Iwrite, WPC, and so on.

b. Perused and measure blunder rates utilizing area mode and “physically” check mistakes.

Choose which TPIs to set in view of mistake rates and edges. Before beginning test, an objective mistake rate is relegated. This is characterized in information parameter 12 and 13. Beginning from the biggest conceivable number of tracks per inch, the TPI test keeps running until the mistake delta gets lower than the edge esteem.

Spare all troubleshoot and results to plate.

3.2 Test Structure Initialization

All structures utilized amid this test will be set to instated values preceding any gathering of information.

3.3 Input Data

Information is breezed through to the test through the SPT/client interface. The structure for the information is characterized in area 4.

3.4 Starting the test

Upon start-up control can be breezed through to the VTPI test through the Process Self Test (PST) sequencer table or through the Vendor Specific Command (VSC) Execute File. Upon the finish of the VTPI test control returns back to the PST sequencer table or exits on the off chance that it’s begun by means of the VSC summon.

3.5 Errors

This test is intended to proceed as far as might be feasible in the occasion of a blunder. Just lethal mistakes, blunders that would make the test information or results aimless, will bring about prompt way out from the test without the setting of the VTPI

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